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RT-PCR swab test, result returned within 12 hours. Payment via credit card attracts a 4% surcharge.


PCR/ RT-PCR Testing

PCR tests (also known as “molecular tests”) are the gold standard in Covid-19 testing. PCR is the most reliable and widely available testing method.


RT PCR Saliva Test is an alternative sampling method to the usual RT-PCR swab test. It has a high accuracy rate, it is less invasive, and cost-effective hence it is more convenient for the Filipino public. This type of test can be used for local travel.


How accurate are PCR tests?

PCR tests are considered the gold standard in Covid-19 testing. According to the FDA, these tests are so accurate that their results don’t need to be double-checked by repeating the test.

However, PCRs are the most accurate when conducted on patients that have been infected 5-7 days before the test.

RT-PCR Saliva 24 Hour Result

    • Done by licensed healthcare professionals
    • FDA approved testing kits
    • Includes medical certificate for employment, local or international travel
    • DOH accredited laboratory partner
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