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A custom-built solution that creates a safety cell for frontliners to conduct all manner of health-related duties. Built for comfort, safety and ease of use, the Medi Pod will ensure all who use it can safely contact with PUIs, PUMs and all other individuals without fear of contracting COVID or any other dangerous pathogens.


Because it is highly durable, the Medi Pod can be set up outdoors or indoors. It includes internal sanitization UV lights, air conditioning, and an exhaust fan to ensure operators are able to work extended periods without compromising their own health and maintain the focus required to execute medical-related tasks.


- Exhaust fan
- 0.6 HP Aircon
- LED light with switch
- UV lights indoor and outdoor
- Waterproof gloves
- Aluminum door
- Galvanized metal and aluminum frame

Medi Pod | COVID Testing Booth | Safety Cell | Protective Booth

  • Free shipping within Metro Manila

    Outside of Metro Manila but within Luzon delviery charged at PHP 40 per kilometer.

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